6 Mental Health Benefits Of Plants

You already know that flowers can make us happy. Flowers can make your room more attractive, brighten up your mood, or cheer you up on a sad day.

What is it that flowers do to put you in a positive mood? Are they able to influence your mental health?

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1. Flowers Can Help With Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can both be part of daily life. Flowers can bring some calm and peace to your mind, even though there are many ways to improve your mental health.

This is even true in extremely worrying situations. A study showed that patients in hospitals who had flowers in their rooms felt less anxious. Patients with flowers were more optimistic about their recovery and required less post-operative care.

It’s important to know that not all hospitals allow flowers onwards. This is due to space limitations, mold, and hay fever.

There’s no reason to not fill your garden and home with beautiful blooms that will distract you from the real world.

You can have one in your bedroom to create a calm environment when you get up and sleep, or you can place one in your study to reduce stress related to work.

2. Flowers Can Help You Sleep

It is very important to sleep well. What does it all mean for plants?

 When it comes to sleeping lavender is one of the best options in flowers. Relaxation can be achieved by the aroma of lavender, which has been shown to lower blood pressure and heart rate. Relaxation is key to a peaceful sleep.

Although lavender is not a cure for insomnia by itself, it can be a part of your bedtime routine.

3. Flowers Can Enhance Your Memory

Particularly, rosemary can increase your recall.

Researchers conducted an interesting experiment. Participants were asked to enter one of three rooms and complete a memory test. One room smelled of rosemary, the other of lavender, and neither was given a particular scent.

Participants had to remember a set of objects that were hidden in the room. The experiment tested the effects of different smells on “future memory”, which is how much you can remember recall.

This test was most successful for the people who stayed in the room with rosemary scents. The score in the lavender room was significantly lower, probably because it had too many people who were too tired and relaxed to keep up with everything.

4. Flowers Can Transform Your Emotions By Changing The Way You See Them

Different colors can be associated with different emotions. Red can mean love, anger, or danger. Yellow is often associated with sunshine and happiness. Blue can be used to signify sadness or calm.

Safety is tied to green, which may explain why there are so many leafy plants around.

It’s not as easy as you think! It’s also an opportunity to create a certain emotion in the person receiving the flowers.

5. Flowers Can Help You Be More Productive

Research has shown that plants in offices can increase brain performance and inspire creativity.

Although sparse and clean offices may look attractive to passers-by, they are not conducive to visual stimulation for people who spend their entire day there. This could impact productivity.

This isn’t just for workers. Research has also shown that plants can increase attendance in lecture halls and classrooms. Plants can make you happier, more attentive, and happier wherever you go.

Referring to color again, red can be associated with concentration and attention to detail. Blue is thought to promote creativity and free-thinking. Your boss may be trying to warn you if there are many plants in the same color around your office.

6. Gardening Can Improve Your Mental Health And Wellbeing

You don’t have to wait for someone else to give you flowers when you can grow them yourself. Flowers can make you feel good and gardening can also be beneficial for your mental health.

 You can also garden as a group. For example, you can tend a community garden together. Spending time with friends is a great way to lift your mood.

There are many ways to improve your mood. Everyone is unique when it comes to mental well-being. One person’s experience may not work for another.