Commercial business sign types

Potential clients are drawn to business signage. There are many various sorts of company signage, each with its own set of benefits. Building image group is proud to have over eight decades of expertise in designing, producing, installing, and maintaining exterior signs. The section below explains the many sorts of commercial business signage available for your specific company requirements.

Signs on pylons

Because they are freestanding, pylon signs, also known as internally lighted (backlit) or externally illuminated signs, give outstanding visibility. These steel structures are approximately 12 feet tall and sit on concrete foundations. These sorts of business signage use energy-efficient LEDs for lighting to boost their visibility even more. This sort of outside signage may be single-sided or double-sided, and it can also be utilized to show signs for many companies in the same location. To lead visitors to their parking lot, companies often erect pylon signs near the street or major roads and freeways.

Monument markers

Sometimes a firm needs low-profile external signage. Monument signs, also known as ground signs, are set low to the ground and often show the intended message at eye level or below. These sorts of company signs are fully customizable and available in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a stylish foundation.

Post notices

Post signs, also known as pole signs, are supported by a single post. Most post signs only display one company name. These signs are often seen with other types of signage, such as a marquee with changing text or an electronic message center (EMC) that displays seasonal deals and offers.

Letters from the channel

Signs with channel letters may meet the demands of a company by providing a contemporary and completed appearance. Individually cut channel letters spell out an organization’s name or show a logo for this sort of outdoor signage, offering a professional touch to any business. Halo-lit channel letters and led channel letters are two examples. Internal letters are illuminated by neon or low-voltage LEDs in this sort of business sign.

Letters with dimensions

Individually cut dimensional letters, like channel letters, spell out a corporate name or show a bespoke logo. However, empty interior channels of channel letters allow for lighting, while dimensional letters are made from a solid sheet of acrylic or metal. As a consequence, signs with dimensional letters often seem flat since their depth does not exceed few inches.


This sort of company sign, often known as lighted canopy signs or illuminated awnings, is made of vinyl and may be internally lit. Awnings are a low-cost option to add an eye-catching element to the front of a building or business.

Directional signs

Wayfinding signs, which are ideal for difficult-to-navigate places such as hospital corridors, housing projects, or retail malls, give a feeling of cohesiveness and brand presence while directing people where they need to go. This sort of signage often complements other types, such as monument signs. Directories, colorful maps, and other interactive elements may be included on wayfinding signs.

Signs with electronic messages

These signs, also known as digital outdoor signs, digital led signs, or electronic message boards, are very contemporary and versatile. Electronic message signs are available in a number of designs, ranging from monochrome to high-resolution video. The ability to update the display message from any computer at the push of a button provides a company with simplicity and convenience. Electronic message signs may assist any firm that constantly needs to show fresh information.

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