Take A Look at The Various Benefits of Using Deadbolts in Your Home

Nowadays security of the house is one of the major concerns to protect our dear ones as well as the important belongings. There are various types of locks available on the market. Here we are going to focus on a specific kind of lock to get better protection. Let’s have a look over such a lock system.

where to get advanced and secured door locks?

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About door lock

A door lock is a key factor in the security of a house. Among the various door lock systems deadbolt is one of the most trustable ones. It is a kind of door lock that can be open only through the key or knob without any action of the spring, hence can’t be opened through sharp tools and cannot be easily battered. However, it has certain types:

  • Single Cylinder: it is a kind of simple lock that is mostly used indoors with unbreakable glass. It has a one-sided keyhole and a thumb piece on the anterior side.
  • Double Cylinder: here the lock can be opened through both sides the lock with the help of a key mostly used indoors with breakable glass.
  • Keyless Cylinder: it is the most secured and advanced type of door lock. There is no use of keys in such locks. It can be opened through a fingerprint scanner or any password.

What are the features of such types of door locks?

Let’s have a look at its various features:

  • The bolt of the lock is made up of hard steel as well as its diameter is extended by one inch.
  • The collar is properly tapered to make it difficult for a person to grip it with a wrencher.
  • The connecting screw is made with at least 1/4th inch and made up of solid steel without any exposure to the outside of the lock it is kept inside of the lock.

Benefits of this lock system

  • As it can’t be battered easily it provides great protection against physical attacks.
  • It is hard to break even with wrencher.
  • Due to its strong build, it is quite a time taking to break it, which can make the intruder easily spotted.
  • Also, in the case of the double cylinder, it is really hard to break the doorframe glass, hence it doesn’t allow the intruder to break in.
  • It can be unlocked only through the key or knob and can’t be opened through sharp elements like a crowbar, knives, etc.


This lock can be the best solution for your problem of home safety as it full fills most of the needs of an ideal lock. However, think carefully and choose the most suitable one.