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Room air conditioners are used to cool many houses. This fix-it guide on room air conditioner repair explains how a room air conditioner works, what frequently goes wrong, how to detect a room air conditioner problem, and what components and equipment are required to repair it. It next describes how to care for the room air conditioner filter and unit case, clean the cooling coils, straighten the coil fins, lubricate the fan motor, and inspect and flush the drain system. Service panel repair, fuse repair, electrical cable repair, or motor repair may be recommended to you

What is the operation of a room air conditioner?

Central heating and air conditioner is a cooling machine that is enclosed and can be mounted in a window, through a wall, or as a console. It is intended for the transmission of cold air to an enclosed location without the need for ducts.

This is how it works: A pressurized refrigerant circulates through a room air conditioner in both gas and liquid form. When the unit is turned on, the condenser draws in and pressurizes the refrigerant gas, raising its temperature. The heated high-pressure gas moves outside to the condenser coils, where the fins disperse heat to the colder air surrounding it. The gas condenses into a liquid, which moves indoors to the evaporator coils, where it vaporizes into a gas at a decreased pressure, collecting heat from the room. The blower draws air from the room through the air filter and through the evaporator coils, where it cools before being blasted back into the room. It cools the space by sucking heat out of the air. The thermostat regulates the unit’s operation.

What can a room air conditioner go wrong?

A room air conditioner should last for many years with very minor maintenance. The power cable might fail. It’s possible that the filter needs to be replaced. The coils might be filthy, and the fins could be twisted. The machine may be loud and leak water on the interior. Routine maintenance involves cleaning or changing the filter once a month during the cooling season and lubricating the fan motor once a year (unless the motor is permanently sealed).

How do I diagnose a room air conditioner issue?

• Check the electrical service panel for a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker if the unit does not start at all. Check the power cord. Replace or clean the filter.

• If the device trips a circuit breaker or blows a fuse on a regular basis, clean the coils and straighten the fins. If the problem persists, the unit may need to be serviced by a professional.

• If the room air conditioner continually switches on and off, check for and remove any obstructions in the condenser, clean the coils, and straighten the cooling fins as needed.

• Lower the thermostat and clean or replace the filter if the unit does not cool properly.

• Tighten the housing screws and check that the clips are in place if the unit is loud when running. Following that, oil the fan motor bearings.

• Check and flush the drain system if the room air conditioner leaks water within the room. Condensation may be expected in high-humidity locations.