How To Use CBD For Pain: What Products Can You Try

There are many factors that can make it difficult to find the right product. Here’s what you might find if you start looking on the market.

Discover the Full Spectrum Products.

Scientists are still discovering new ways CBD could help reduce pain and other symptoms. They are also trying to figure out how CBD functions as an individual compound rather than as a whole-plant. There are many product descriptions that describe CBD isolate, Full Spectrum CBD, or Broad Spectrum CBD.

Here’s a quick cheat sheet, but keep in mind that the efficacy of each is still open to debate.

A CBD uk  isolated product is one that contains the CBD compound and is obtained from the marijuana plant. CBD isolates are made from either hemp or non-hemp varieties of marijuana. CBD isolates must be extracted from the cannabis species to be legal in federal law. CBD isolates can be found in marijuana dispensaries in states where medical marijuana is legal. In states that legalize medicinal marijuana, you can find CBD isolates at a dispensary.

Full-Spectrum CBD products retain the full profile of marijuana and contain cannabinoids like CBD, CBD, CBG and CBN. Terpenes as well as other compounds, such as proteins, flavonoids, phenols, steroids, sterols and esters, are also present. Technically, full-spectrum CBD products can contain 0.3% THC or less if they come from hemp. But, full-spectrum CBD products that are not derived from marijuana have a more diverse cannabinoid/terpene profile.

Broad Spectrum cannabis Products maintain the full profile of the marijuana plant but with most of the THC removed.

Be Alert to the Entourage Effect

Full spectrum cannabis products advocates refer to the entourage impact, which basically says that marijuana compounds work together. 11 This is because marijuana is a plant. 12 CBD is not as beneficial as whole-plant extracts.

It is not so simple. CBD has been shown that it decreases the psychotropic effects THC. So if you take a full spectrum extract with less THC than CBD, you will not feel as high. There are many variables that affect how people react to marijuana. This will require lots of trial and error.

Although CBD is generally tolerated well, THC might decrease the potential side effects of CBD. THC may play a significant role in CBD’s relief of pain. This is because it influences the endocannabinoid process.

The entourage effect also account for the terpenes 13 that can be different between strains of marijuana, and contribute to their effect. Recent research shows that this compound has many beneficial effects (think aromatherapy).

To top it all, CBD isolates may offer more medicinal benefits than CBD isolates, but CBD is still able to provide many medical benefits, especially when used topically for pain conditions.

Clear? You may still have questions. You can find out more about the products and what symptoms they help by reading on.

How To Choose A CBD Product?


Topicals include CBD creams and lotions as well as salves, salves, ointments, and salves. These can be used to treat pain such as localized, arthritic, or nerve-related pain. 14 Topicals do not appear to have any psychotropic properties. Topicals have been shown to be effective in treating arthritic pain.

Oral Products

For people suffering from systemic inflammatory conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis [MS], Rheumatoid arthritis or autoimmune disorders, CBD may be more beneficial than for those with full-body pain due to neurological conditions like fibromyalgia and cancer pain.

CBD dissolves in fats so it is a good idea for CBD products to have healthy oils. This will increase CBD’s absorption rate.

Oral Ingestions Are Available In Many Forms

CBD isolating oral sprays that are absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. You can control the dose of oral sprays and/or tinctures much easier.

Capsules contain CBD in a pill form. They can be taken with a healthy snack rich in healthy fats to increase CBD bioavailability.

oils come in many forms and often contain both CBD extract and plant-based oils. You can either put these under your tongue or add them into food products.

Edibles are chewable oral products that can be consumed like any other food product. Think CBD brownies and gummies as well as snacks. The effect of CBD edibles on the digestive tract is more complicated than it sounds, but people with MS or other autoimmune disorders may experience specific immunosuppressive effects. This may be due to CBD’s interaction with immune cells in our intestinal lymphatic systems .